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Package Who? Date Description
1 LBS 1986 Main Theme
1 LBS 1986 Short Jingles part 1
1 LBS 1986 Short Jingles part 2
1 LBS 1986 Short Jingles part 3
1 LBS 1986 Long Jingles part 1
1 LBS 1986 Long Jingles part 2
1 Various/
1980's Air Checks
2 LBS Late 80's Theme and jingles
2 Various 1987 Test Transmissions/trailers for Ocean Sound North (The Light FM) featuring Mark Flannagan, Bill Bingham, Penny Gower, Chris Carnegy, Jean Paul Hansford & Dave Bradford
2 Various 1988 4 way split big announcement trailer featuring Howard Huges, Pete Wardman, Penny Gower, Kevin King & Chris Carnegy
2 Various 1988 Trailer heard on Ocean Sound East 97.5 featuring the voices of Chris Carnegy & Howard Hughes
2 Various 1988 Air checks: Part of the combined east and west evening programme with Pete Wardman & the final link before test transmissions started for the Gold AM & Power FM
2 Various 1988 Gold AM test transmissions with Jean Paul Hansford & Kevin King
Power FM 1 AJ/Various 1988 Power FM test transmissions/air checks with Pete Wardman, Bernie Simmonds & briefly Chris Kelly. News sting jingle also included. Gold AM started an hour earlier than Power FM so that they could call Power FM Britain's newest radio station!
Power FM 1 AJ/Various 04/12/88 Opening of Power FM
Power FM 1 AJ 1988 Power FM demo (incomplete)
Power FM 2 Century 21/TM Century 1990 Power FM jingles
3 TM Century 1991 Ocean Classics Demo
4 Jam 1992 Classic Hits Ocean FM jingles
Power FM 3 Jam 1992 Power FM jingles

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